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ACV+ is our Apple Cider Vinegar gummy formula, designed as a fast, easy and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar. We recommend incorporating ACV+ into your daily wellness routine, simply enjoy a serve of gummies 1-2 times per day.
  • 30% more gummies per bottle
  • Delicious apple flavour
  • Made with “the Mother”
  • Naturally flavoured
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do apple cider vinegar gummies taste?

    In the past, apple cider vinegar has usually been taken as a daily liquid shot and is quite unpleasant. Even mixed in with smoothies or other alternatives it is hard to mask the sour, acidic flavour. Fortunately we have solved this drawback by creating a delicious apple-flavoured gummy in our ACV+.

    How to take ACV+ gummies?

    Our ACV+ gummies couldn’t be easier to use, pop one in your mouth, chew and swallow.

    How to store apple cider vinegar gummies?

    We recommend keeping your gummies in a cool, dry location out of direct light. Try keeping some in your pantry, office drawer or everyday bag.

    Do apple cider vinegar gummies have any adverse effects?

    While taking shots of vinegar sounds unpleasant, the effects aren’t limited to just the bad taste. The traditional use could result in oesophageal damage, tooth enamel erosion and bowel distress. Fortunately these can be bypassed by choosing an ACV+ gummy over liquid shots, we’ve left the best bits in while avoiding the harsh acidic liquid.

    In more general terms though, effects of any supplement can vary person to person, start with half a gummy on your first use to assess your tolerance.

    How many ACV+ gummies should I use per day?

    Each ACV+ gummy is equivalent to around 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar liquid. We recommend enjoying a serve 1-2 times per day.