Core Nutritional PRO Sustained Release Protein Blend

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We get that you want to recover after workouts without choking down something unpleasant. Core PRO not only tastes fantastic but also packs a punch in performance.

It’s the perfect blend of amazing flavour and top-notch protein,  mixed with whey concentrate, whey isolate, and milk protein isolate to create a smooth texture and a complete set of amino acids.

What makes Core PRO special? It’s a strong, long-lasting protein formula designed to keep you going. The blend provides both fast and slow-digesting proteins, natural BCAAs for reducing fatigue, and enzymes to help your body absorb nutrients better.

Plus, the added MCTs to help maintain muscle mass and rev up your metabolism.

Get ready for a delicious journey to recovery with Core PRO!

Direction of use:

Mix one (1) scoop with 180 – 240ml of water.