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Ultimate Nutrient Partitioning Agent

GDA+ is much more than a standard glucose disposal agent, it's an all -encompassing nutrient partitioning agent. 

Axe & Sledge GDA+ contains scientifically validated ingredients in studied dosages that will help reduce blood plasma glucose, increase nutrient partitioning capacity of myocytes, and support healthy blood glucose metabolism.
By partitioning nutrients, Axe & Sledge GDA+ will ensure your body is utilising carbohydrates as efficiently as possible, whilst blocking the storage of body fat.
On a cellular level, Axe & Sledge GDA+ will encourage your body to use carbohydrates to create glycogen, rather than to form body fat, while also encouraging your body to use fatty acids as an immediate source of energy.
Combined with a sensible dieting and training regime, Axe & Sledge GDA+ will help you build muscle faster and recover from workouts quicker than ever before, while keeping your body fat level from rising.