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Most hydration drinks don't even contain the right amount of electrolytes to hydrate you! 

Be hydrated with the next generation hydration drink; HYDRATE. 

With an unparalleled formula of 1502mg of Electrolytes and 500mg of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs), this isn't just hydration; it's total cellular optimisation.

Supercharged with a robust B + C Vitamin Complex designed to ignite your natural energy reserves, pushing you further without the crash. Stop reaching for caffeine for that quick hit; Hydrate offers sustainable, clean energy that syncs perfectly with your body's needs.

Forget what you know about staying hydrated; with just 4-6 calories and 99% sugar-free composition, Hydrate is the clean, efficient fuel your life has been thirsting for. Elevate your hydration; experience Hydrate by Hercules Supplements.