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Need something to fuel your next work workout, gaming or stream session? Have a huge task or assignment that needs your full focus or are you about to hit a night out with your team? Kamikaze Energy Drink has your back!

Tired of over-caffeinated, over sweetened, full of sugar self-proclaimed ‘energy drinks’? The new dawn of energy drink is here with Kamikaze Energy introducing a ‘grab-n-Go’ pre-workout can to the energy drink space.

Kamikaze Pre-workout in a can gives you energy to burn, natural ingredients with REAL health benefits and a taste that will make you wonder why drinks other energy drinks need ingredients list full of nasties taste good!

Your Kamikaze Energy Can will give you two hours of energy with NO CRASH allowing you to smash your next workout, competition, stream or just to GET IT DONE!

  • 200mg L-Citrulline
  • 160mg Caffeine Energy
  • 1000mg Beta Alanine
  • Zero Carbs Zero Sugar
  • Vit B3 B6 B12