Primabolics Everyday Defence

Primabolics Everyday Defence

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This product was designed to be a Defence against Everyday Environmental burdens, lifestyle choices we make, and the burden of these environmental burden on our primary organs.

There are several key areas of focus for this formulation which can be categorised as:

• Liver and Detoxification Support
• Kidney Support
• Oxidative Stress and Inflammation

The Ingredient List is as follows for the formulation:
Hawthorn Berry 750mg
Milk Thistle 600mg
N-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg
Curcumin 350mg
TUDCA 250mg
Resveratrol 250mg
Grape Seed Extract 200mg

Now let’s put each ingredient into each category and explain the thought process behind the product!

Liver and Detoxification Support:
This is a key feature of the product.

The Milk Thistle, TUDCA and NAC were definitely the heavy hitters for this formulation.
The Liver is an incredible organ that filters our entire bodies 7 Litres of blood very day many times over.

It is also the site of Phase 2 Detoxification.

Detoxification is how our body breaks down everything we breathe in, eat, drink and absorb through our skin in a day. Phase 1 is primarily where our Cytochrome P450 Enzymes breakdown everything that requires detoxification to reactive intermediary compounds.

Phase 2 is then done through the Liver where these reactive, half metabolised compounds we have ingested throughout the day are either Sulfated, Methylated, Conjugated or Glucoronidated.

This Phase 2 Detox is where the compounds are neutralised and finally metabolised so it can be eliminated. This is crucial for optimal health. This also applies to hormonal balancing as well. As hormones are metabolised through Phase 2 Detox. So for overall health and hormonal balancing, the Liver is crucial!

This is why this formula has so many potent known Liver supporting active ingredients.

Milk thistle and TUDCA are well researched for their ability to assist in Liver function, Bile flow and cellular repair of the Liver.

NAC also acts as a potent Glutathione pre cursor that increases our antioxidant and immune functioning potential.

It also has strongly therapeutic effects for the Liver.

These 3 ingredients are a powerhouse for supporting the Liver and Detoxification.
Kidney Support

There is a very potent dose of 750mg of Hawthorn Berry Extract as well as Milk Thistle in this formulation that are know to support optimal Kidney function.

The Milk Thistle is primarily Liver but also therapeutic for the Kidney whilst the Hawthorn is directly beneficial for Kidney function and health.

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
Through heavy training, stress, and inflammatory components of our diets, Oxidative stress and Inflammation are commonplace, particularly in people who engage in heavy weight training regularly.

This Inflammation and Oxidative stress affects multiple parts of the body and so has to be addressed from a few key angles.

Curcumin is in there as a heavy hitter to start.

Firstly it is a potent anti-inflammatory, particularly for the gut. Chronic stress and inflammation tend to show up in the Gut, with the gut lining becoming inflamed and leading to lots immune system and digestive issues long term. The inflammation in the Gut also contributed to increased break down of microbiome and when this happens we see the release of Lipopolysaccharides like Interleukin-6 (IL-
6) into the system.

IL-6 is one of the most inflammatory compounds known in the body and causes havoc wherever it goes in the body.

The formula hits this from 2 main angles. Firstly, the Curcumin acts as an anti inflammatory for the Gut lining to dampen the source of the Inflammation. It is also a potent NRF-2 activator, leading to very potent Anti oxidant activity to lower further oxidative stress in the body, also lowering systemic inflammation.

Then Grape Seed Extract comes along.

This has been demonstrated when used at this dosage to lower IL-6 by 40% in just 4 weeks of supplementation in a double blind placebo controlled study. This is a massive influence on lowering systemic inflammation and perfectly accompanies Curcumin.

The Curcumin lowers the gut based inflammation which is designed to cause less liberation of the Lipopolysaccharide IL-6 in the first place.

Then the Grape Seed Extract significantly lowers the IL-6 circulating directly for good measure!

This is a very potent combo to lower inflammation!

Of course Grape Seed Extract also has a host of other benefits such as being a potent anti viral, anti microbial for unfavourable gut bacteria and is brilliant as an all round health tonic.

Finally, we add the Resveratrol to top it all off!

Resveratrol is a potent anti-oxidant found in Red Wine grape skins. 

It is one of the most beneficial compounds in Red Wine.

It is known to reduce oxidative stress via being a potent Free Radical scavenging antioxidant.

This combined with the Curcumin with its NRF-2 activation makes for very potent control of Oxidative stress from Free Radicals.

Synergies With Other Products in the Range

Everyday Defence is designed to stack perfectly with other specific products in the Primabolics range.

Specifically, it is the perfect accompaniment to Everyday Health. Detoxification requires
micronutrients and Everyday Health has those that are specifically ideal to drive Detoxification pathways, thus working synergistically with Everyday Defence’s Liver and Detox supporting active ingredients.

The extra NAC in Everyday Health also bumps up your daily N-Acetyl Cysteine to the top end of the potency range for dosing.

Everyday Defence also works perfectly with our Hormonal products Primal Test and Estro. These products are designed to help optimise and balance hormones. Balancing of hormones is reliant on efficient hormone metabolism and elimination which is Phase 2 Detox dependant.

Thus the strong Liver and detox elements of Everyday Defence will strongly support the hormone balancing and metabolising efforts of these two products, particularly Estro which has strong Phase 2 Detox contributors like Methylated B Vitamins and of course additional Curcumin and NAC.

It will of course be beneficial to use as a stand alone product and when optimising Liver and Kidney  function whilst lowering Inflammation and Oxidate stress from Free Radical damage,  Everyday Defence will make everything else you take work more effectively.

Because the healthier the biology of the body you are ingesting the Primabolics range with, the better the formulations can work their magic!